PJOE considers clarity and openness in accountability and supervision as the cornerstones of proper management and working practice. Good corporate governance is anchored in an open company culture that is characterized by excellent workmanship, technical professionalism, accepted civil standards and the highest standards of quality with continuous improvement.

PJOE is using for that purpose a Quality Management System focused on operational excellence.
The principles laid out are:
- Focus on the tasks in hand
- Always doing it right first time
- Assess risks and execute accordingly
- Knowledge must be shared and made accessible
- Commit to top Quality only
Management shall demonstrate its implication and leadership. Each manager, supervisor and employee shall be responsible for meeting PJOE’s Quality standards and be accountable for its individual performance and the performance of those working under its supervision. PJOE ensures that its subcontractors apply Quality standards which are fully compatible with those of PJOE.
PJOE provides adequate resources and training to ensure that its activities are performed in a safe and professional manner.

All Quality incidents are duly noted, investigated and that corrective action is implemented and communicated across the organization.

The Quality teams shall be both empowered and accountable.

PJOE’s project Quality plan includes the strengthening of our Quality frame work, a quality alert system and the allocation of dedicated Quality tasks forces to develop specific operational guidelines.