On Health, Safety & Environment PJOE strives to excel and exceed our client's expectations, and to attain the ultimate objective of an accident-free workplace.

Our Quality and HSE Policy is clear in that respect:

“Producing elaborately and aiming at top-ranking quality, innovating continuously and exceeding clients’ expectations, abiding by laws and taking social responsibilities, preventing pollution and controlling safety and health risk.”

From our start, as a further commitment to the continuous improvement culture in operations, PJOE is working with a Total Quality Management philosophy based on the standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 issued by DNV. PJOE has integrated its approach to Quality, Safety, Health and the Environment into a single management system. Top of the document hierarchy are the PJOE Management Manual and Policy Documents which describe the policies and corporate rules.

For PJOE HSE is a pre-requisite towards our clients and towards our personnel. Both deserve the merits of the continuous PJOE operations surrounded by stakeholders that can count on prolonged existence of the contribution from PJOE.