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The strength of PJOE lies in the almost two thousand talented men and women who are employed in our Company. They form the backbone of our operations, performances and are the one’s creating the added value of PJOE on the projects. They act in teams to complete the projects to the expectations of our clients.

PJOE offers for everybody who joins our company opportunities to progress their career. Whether by our in-house training, through job experience or by further education, we are keen to assist everybody in making the upward steps on the career ladder.

PJOE’s strategy is to further develop the company in a more and more technology advanced operation, from the execution as well as the portfolio perspective. We welcome you to join us in that effort.

It is our aim to propel our company further on the path of technology development. As such we will welcome any experienced engineering and industry specialists to join a fresh team of highly skilled employees who will be involved in shaping the future of our industry.

As a company we strive to reach a recognized status as an international advanced technology company within our field of expertise. In the coming years we will emphasize on this far reaching goal and we welcome all applicants to join us in that effort.