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PJOE is a facility which can offer clients the full range of services to fabricate jackets. In our yard are 5 sets of plate bending machines with rolling capacity up to 120 mm by 3,000 mm wide and tubular can weights up to 30 Ton.

The PJOE organization has a proven record on producing tubulars and jackets. In 2009 we build over 20 jackets, exceeding 50,000 ton of weight and manufactured over an 8 month period.
We have build launch jackets, float-over jackets and lift jackets complete with their appurtenances, buoyancy tanks, piles and conductors.
Load-out methods we can deploy are skidding, lifting by floating cranes and sheer-legs, trailer based or lifted by the yard cranes.

The yard is equipped with 4 skidways of each 250 meter long. Two of them can be extended to a total length of 450 meters to enable construction of long single jackets, compliant towers, or jacket sections.