PJOE is positioning itself as an international upstream “single solution” fabricator. We offer fabrication services to the oil and gas as well as mining, energy and renewable industry.

From our traditional oil and gas market we developed a segmentation of the market products which we can split in distinguished and recognized sub categories. We recognize the following categories:

- Onshore modules like desalination plants, LNG projects, mining modules, harbor facilities and the like. 
- Offshore integrated topsides, modules, decks, living quarters.
- Mechanical structures as large offshore cranes, buoys, turrets, stingers.
- Hull’s for TLP’s, semi submersibles, MOPU’s, special designed floaters.
- Subsea structures including templates, manifolds, suction anchors, PLEM’s.
- FPSO integration, offshore work vessel integration as pipe-layers and derrick barges
- One stop shop solutions for Bohai Bay and P.R. of China projects.
- Renewable structures like offshore wind mill monopiles and jackets, solar power units.
- Jackets

Our yard with presently 470,000 sqm area including 64,000 sqm workshops, 700 m long quayside and skid way capacity up to 50,000 ton structures is well equipped to handle your project. We have experience in our yard for handling the normal carbon steels but also special materials like super duplex, duplex, SMO, cupper nickel, 690 materials, GRP piping.

We position ourselves as an international orientated company actively offering services around the globe for major upstream development areas including Australia, Brazil, Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Middle East, West Africa, Asia.