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PJOE has a simple and effective management structure, based on a single entity located in Penglai, Shandong province, P.R. of China.

The organization is headed by a General Manager who is reporting to the Board of Directors which representing the four share holders. The share holders are:

SembCorp Utilities Ltd (22.4%)
Shenzhen Chiwan Petroleum Supply Base Co. Ltd (22.4%)
CNOOC Investment and Holding Co. (25.2%)
Jutal Offshore Oil Services Ltd (30.0%)

PJOE is an internationally orientated company and focused on the wider upstream projects for the oil and gas, mining and renewable energy industries. PJOE employs almost 2,200 people all based at the operating facilities in Penglai.

Within the organization are dedicated project teams executing the unique solutions trusted by the clients to PJOE. Those project teams are made up by a mix of expatriates, local expatriates and local personnel ensuring a team of experts and skilled laborers to execute the projects as per specifications and client expectations.

The organization is aimed at best serving the interests and needs of global customers in all aspects of the market focused on.