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For the PJOE yard we have developed a number of plans for investment in new facilities, new equipment and area expansion. Most of these plans will be executed in the coming years subject to market conditions and contracts awarded or under discussions.

We are planning the following improvements and expansions:

New office facilities for clients, PJOE staff plus yard personnel utilities. Design is finished and first building activities have started.

Additional painting and blasting facilities. In 2010 we will construct the first phase of the new painting and blasting hall, three chambers of 35 x 35 m and 22 m high.

High capacity skidway for structures with final weights of 50,000 ton. Design is ready and start of construction is subject market conditions.

Some adjacent area is being acquired to further expand the yard area. This year more area will be added.

Concepts for dedicated renewable foundation structures facility is ready for implementation.

Concepts for dedicated piping facility to serve large onshore oil and gas projects is ready for implementation.

Conceptual design for a dedicated high tech assembly and commissioning of specialized offshore production equipment is ready for implementation.

Plan for extending the quayside over and above the 700 meters are ready for implementation.

For any of these details on the expansion please feel free to contact our Business Department for further information. Their contact details 86 535 5980002.